About Us

Our Mission

We believe…whole language takes a positive view of all learners and sees language as an integral part of learning.

We believe…all systems of language are best learned within an authentic and meaningful context.

We believe…all learners bring with them a richness of languages, cultures, and experiences that are accepted and enhance the learning process.

We believe…learning is both personal and social.

We believe…classrooms and other educational settings must become communities that empower teachers and students to be active participants in the learning process.

Our mission is… To support professionals and other individuals in the implementation of whole language philosophy and pedagogy and to promote the acquisition of languages and literacies in all subject areas for all by:

    Improving the quality of learning and teaching at all levels;

    Exploring new areas of curriculum, evaluation, and assessment;

    Fostering collegiality, caring, and respect;

    Providing opportunities for teachers to share with each other and in wider public forums;

    Stimulating and supporting research in language acquisition

    Promoting learning as a lifelong process