Transforming Lives: Connecting Readers with Books that Matter

Thank you to everyone who attended this event with Daphne Russell. The conversations were engaging, thoughtful, and at time, poignant. Thanks also to all the Tucson TAWL volunteers who brought food and helped set up and to all the participants who stayed after to help clean up. Thank you, Literacy Connects, for the wonderful venue. And a very special thank you to Daphne Russell for sharing her inspiring story with us. You’ll find our Wall of Possibilities below in the hopes that it will continue to inspire you to make sure all our readers have access to their own Most Important Books and the time to read them.

Watch this space for the list of Most Important Books from the workshop. We noticed people writing down titles, so we’ll include them on the website soon.

Also watch for more information about our book study group of Reading Revealed, edited by Diane Stephens, Jerome C. Harste, and Jean Anne Clyde, from Scholastic.