Whole Language Umbrella

The Whole Language Umbrella (WLU) is a conference of the National Council of Teachers of English dedicated to a view of whole language as a dynamic philosophy of education.  WLU is made up of support groups and individual professionals around the world who are  interested in developing and implementing whole language in educational settings. WLU also publishes a journal, Talking Points, twice a year.

To find out more about WLU, including information about conferences, membership, and a beliefs statement, visit the website.

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The 2018 WLU Literacies for All Summer Institute will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, July 12- 14, 2018, at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.   The theme of the conference is “Sustaining Joy in Our Learning Communities during Challenging Times.” To register, make hotel reservations, and for more information, visit the WLU site for Registration information

The 2017 WLU Summer Institute, was held in Tucson, AZ on the theme of “Global Literacies, Global Conversations: Celebrating Our Connections.” Featured keynote speakers included Marissa Moss, Curtis Acosta, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Deborah Rowe, and Perry Gilmore. Visit the WLU website for more information about this year’s Literacies for All Summer Institute, in Baltimore, Maryland.  The WLU makes a scholarship for registration at the Summer Institute available for a Tucson TAWL member.

The 2008 Whole Language Umbrella Literacies for All Summer Institute was held in Tucson, at the J. P. Marriott Starr Pass Resort, from July 17 – 20, 2008.  This exciting event brought together educators at all levels from across the United States, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Japan, and other countries.  Many of the speakers were names familiar to you.

At the 2009 Whole Language Umbrella Literacies for All Summer Institute, in Columbia, South Carolina, Caryl Crowell, Tucson TAWL member, was the recipient of the 2009 Service Award for her work on the 2008 WLU Conference and her commitment to Tucson TAWL and whole language teaching and learning. Caryl was awarded the 2014 Reclaiming the Joy of Teaching Award at the 2014 Literacies for All Summer Institute in Pasadena, CA.  Caryl Crowell is currently the Past-President for WLU.